Thank heavens for the comic relief 

your say July 17, 2017 01:00

Re: “Trump supporters have shifted debate onto ground of emotion and fantasy”, Have Your Say, July 15.

Health warning! This letter is coming to you from an idiot, a blind ignorer of facts, a purveyor of nonsense, a liar, and a blasphemer of the Higgs Boson religion. That’s if you believe Egon’s diatribe against me in last Saturday’s Nation. Along with JC Wilcox and HHB, I am apparently also a defender of Alex Jones, a media personality who was unknown to me, but thanks to Egon, my life is now enriched by Jones’s incisive and witty videos on the Internet. I will not respond to Egon’s ad hominem abuse in similar vein because I am not an intolerant liberal-socialist bigot. Besides, Egon might be a jolly nice chap despite his anti-democratic views – a meat eater and dog lover even – and there was, after all, a quark or two of factual content in his rant. But I will say this. Have Your Say would be stodgy fare indeed if it contained nothing but the factual, reasoned and unarguable common sense from HHB, Wilcox and myself, unleavened by comic relief from the likes of Egon, Dr Frankfurt-School and the Beasleys.

Nigel Pike