Poems won’t put food on farmers’ tables

your say July 11, 2017 01:00

Re: “Prayut pens new poem to cheer farmers”, July 9.

My heart is pounding at the mere thought of another witty meaningful ode! I am sure the farmers are completely overjoyed.


Nice to know he thinks that “farmers with high integrity” are worth respecting. Maybe if the farmers work a little harder and complain a lot less they’ll go from being “worthy of respect” to actually being “respected”. 


Fiddling while Rome burns. Here we have a PM serenading and regaling  farmers with words. Last time I looked, words were much cheaper to give than real help.


I was walking in the fields one day,

wondering about my pay,

when I had a sudden vision,

I’d become a politician,

and everyone could pay my way.


Maybe he can come and give the farmers in our village a personal reading. I’m sure they’ll give him their thanks, especially as the local canal has remained dry for nearly a year now.


What about an ode to the Burmese who do all the hard work?


“People’s happiness is in our hands.”

No matter whether they want it or like it.

Last year Prayut said he was sick of seeing his face on television. On that, I’m sure, the Thai people can agree.


It would be nice

To give a better price

For your rice

But no dice.

Your small sacrifice

Makes perfect sense.

We need to buy new Benz

For our city friends.