The booze ban, Buddhism, and wine in a teacup

your say July 11, 2017 01:00

There are always overzealous elements ready to implement laws that make no sense.

It seems that this military government has an oversupply of those elements, especially in the fields of tourism, foreign labour and the health sector. Buddhism is about tolerance, and Buddhist edicts now being applied to alcohol consumption in fact only proscribe being intoxicated – substances remain undefined.

The move to forbid alcohol on Buddhist holidays has nothing to do with Buddhism, the latter being just an excuse to exercise control along with a delusional wishful thinking that it will reduce road accidents. The reality is that only shops with computerised cash registers can’t permit the sale of alcohol, while most other shops couldn’t care less. As for me, my wine in a teacup tastes better on a Buddhist holiday.

Clara Holzer