Writer is not so strong on China 

your say July 10, 2017 01:00

The “Nigel Pike” persona (letters, 8 July) epitomises the amateur’s approach to understanding international relations by trying to justify his obtuse Sinophobia with swivel-eyed generalisations, and pejorative nonsense, about the nature of Beijing’s foreign and domestic policies.

He labours under the transparently ludicrous falsehood that its ambitions extend to claiming the “entire South China Sea as its own” as an expression of a growing hegemony, whilst ignoring the fact that the country is ringed with US bases operating out of area. What are the Chinese leadership supposed to do? Sit back and let the US hegemon walk all over them? Of course not; that much is so obvious even a blind man could see it. Perhaps he wishes to extend his lack of sound judgement by advocating a Chinese military presence in the Caribbean, the US Pacific coast, and Eastern seaboard as a response? 

As for his hysterical “The best thing that could happen is for China to erupt into civil war”: common sense is not so much suspended, as atomised in view of such a dangerously irresponsible outburst. Not for the first time, he clearly hasn’t thought things through. Further to my opening comments Pike doesn’t know what he is writing about, and should leave the expertise to those of us that do.

I strongly suggest that he abandons such typically Wikipedian “thinking” – if that be the word – and try to engage with the realities common to the overwhelming majority of us. Any response will doubtless have a comedic theme running through it.

Dr Frank