Be aware, address facts and call a spade a spade

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Re: “Practise what you preach – produce the evidence”, Letters, July 2.

A few years back, as a voluntary organiser for a national animal welfare organisation, I was approached by students. They were in the process of writing dissertations and required information about protests for animal rights. I told them to join some protests, to do their own research so they could inform themselves firsthand. Otherwise they would simply be relying on my, possibly bias, opinion. I was thanked for my sound advice. They later informed me of their successful graduation and compliments from their tutors.

I would advise Robin Grant in the same way. All the information and facts are available but they are broadly based, requiring research from books, videos, history and, above all, reality. But like the lazy students, some people need guidance to make the effort and then to collate and join the dots. The current struggle between globalism and nationalism is a complex issue.

JC Wilcox

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