Anti-Semitism back with a vengeance in Europe 

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Re: “It’s not anti-Semitic to criticise global domination of Rothschilds”, Have Your Say, June 30.

All good stuff, but the current debate is body-swerving the monstrous scale of European anti-Semitism which is being covered up by the mainstream media. Example: last month, a 66-year-old Jewish doctor, Sarah Halimi, was robbed and beaten in her own Paris flat for over an hour by a Malian migrant intruder, then thrown from her 3rd floor balcony window where she was found dead with more than 20 fractures. Did any readers see this story? No? Well her family would also like to know why government, prosecutors and the media maintained “absolute silence” over this atrocity.  The family arranged a silent protest march on the Sunday following the murder, which was attacked by Muslim youngsters shouting “Death to Jews” and “We’ve got Kalashnikovs”. This is just one of hundreds of harrowing incidents happening daily in western Europe that the MSM refuse to report, but which you can find on the alternative media.

Did anyone watch the TV documentary “Chosen and Excluded - the Hate for Jews in Europe” earlier this month? No? Why are we not surprised? Because it was banned by French and German broadcasters as “failing to offer a multi-perspective and balanced view of ethnic persecution” despite being hailed by German historian Michael Wolffsohn as “the best, most intelligent and historically profound film on this subject”.  Film-maker Joachim Schroeder commented wryly, “If I make a documentary about Auschwitz, must I also report on the suffering of the families of SS guards?”

The rising levels of migrant-led anti-Semitism have generated a Jewish exodus from western Europe redolent of 1930s Germany.  40,000 have emigrated from France alone since 2006. So let’s put aside the question of the Rothschilds for now, let us heed JC Wilcox’s warnings about the dangers of relying on the MSM, and let’s express horror and concern for what is in danger of becoming the second European pogrom in less than a century.

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga

Editor’s note: The quote “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none” was mistakenly attributed to Gutle Rothschilde in a caption on this page yesterday. There is no original source for this quote. We regret the error.


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