Only one sure cure for a caninophobe 

your say June 06, 2017 01:00

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Re: “Dog lovers, neighbours don’t love your pets”, Letters, June 4.

Boy. I hardly know where to begin with this one. It inspires the thought that The Nation’s editors missed the boat when they renamed the Letters column “Have Your Say”. It should have been “Share Your Ignorance” or “Spew Your Vitriol”.

“Suffered dogs far too long” (can we call him Suff?) obviously has never owned an actual dog. Somebody should give him a puppy, that he may attain enlightenment. But make sure to monitor his behaviour carefully, lest he slay the puppy in a fit of caninophobic wrath (technically known as “dog rage”) before he learns to love it for the adorable creature it is. 

“Your dog does not love you”,  “it does not ‘feel’”, “a dog is incapable of showing true affection”, “it has no intelligence or emotions”, and “it doesn’t even realise you are gone until you return” are only a few of the psychotic delusions spat forth like venom by this remarkably ignorant man.

All the doggish shortcomings that he lists (barking, biting, pooping in public places) can easily be corrected through proper training by loving owners. I am sure that even the most vicious and feral wild dog can eventually be transformed into a loving pet by a wise and caring owner. If a dog misbehaves, don’t blame the dog – blame  its owner.

Get a dog, Suff. It will change your life (and your attitude) for the better.

Ye Olde Dog Lover