Dog lovers, neighbours don’t love your pets

your say June 04, 2017 01:00

Stray dogs are once again in the news after a spate of attacks on young children. Apparently we now live in a society where the perceived feelings of vermin are more important than the lives and safety of innocent people.

I’m sure this will bring out the dog owners and their apologists in packs, but know this: If you own a dog, your neighbours hate you.

If you were lying on the ground dying, most would simply walk around you, because by bringing a dog into the neighbourhood, you have shown your utter contempt for them and their right to peace and quiet.

You will of course claim that your dog is special and does not annoy anyone (and is so friendly!).

Wrong! Your dog is not special. It is a dirty stinking animal that fouls public spaces and yelps mindlessly at anything and everything and nothing at all hours of the day and night. And you of course do nothing about it.

And realise this – your dog does not love you. A dog is incapable of showing true affection – it is owned. No different to your telephone except your phone is clean and can be switched off.

It has no intelligence or emotions. It does not “feel”. It does not think. It doesn’t even realise you are gone until you return! And then it is all yelp yelp yelp yelp yelp, even though you have only been gone 5 minutes.

Getting back to the editorial,

Neutering dogs is not the solution. Dogs that bite must be destroyed. Dogs that yelp must be destroyed. Dogs that roam freely must be destroyed. Dogs are a blight on society and we need to destroy them before they destroy society.

Let us all have some peace and quiet without having watch where we step.

Suffered dogs far too long