Islamoparanoia is a self-fulfilling prophecy

your say April 05, 2017 01:00

Re: “Koran and Bible both manuals for murder if interpreted literally”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

Egon advances some very pertinent and well-observed points regarding Islam, and particularly Koranic interpretations and previous views expressed in this column by JC Wilcox, me and Robin Grant.

He also makes some telling and quite credible comments in relation to the mendocracy currently infesting the White House; it’s hard to disagree with these thoughts.

Conversely, if the aforementioned Mr Wilcox confined himself to matters related to Koranic exegesis, I doubt that there would be much fuss over what is evidentially there for all to examine. Personal perceptions allowing, naturally.

I take issue however with Wilcox’s darkly apocalyptic “Battle of Vienna” nightmare, in which Europe faces another invasion by Muslim hordes hell bent on rapine and “enhanced” proselytism. It doesn’t help, and it adds to an already dangerous brew of hatred and paranoia.

Dr Frank


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