Koran and Bible both manuals for murder if interpreted literally

your say April 04, 2017 01:00

JC Wilcox is regularly criticised for his letters in this column, most recently by Robin Grant and Dr Frank.

Let me be clear: I am disgusted by Wilcox’s support for the pathological liar (350 lies and counting) who currently resides in the White House. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence should be able to conclude, on the basis of his policies, his lies, his past and current behaviour, that this con-man is a disaster for the US and the world. Many well-argued letters with evidence of the confidence trickster’s lunacy have been published here without reply from his supporters, including Wilcox. But to give the devil his due, Wilcox has a point when he says there is no place in modern society – Western or Eastern – for a literal interpretation of the Koran.

The time has come for Muslims to understand that the Koran was not dictated by Allah and should not be followed to the letter, since such blind obeisance causes the disastrous behaviour we witness from militant groups such as the Islamic State. The same goes for evangelical Christians, who still believe the earth was created 7,000 years ago, rejecting Darwin’s theory, and harbour other irrational and nasty beliefs in condemning gay people. Wilcox and others might protest that at least evangelicals don’t cut people’s heads off – but don’t they kill people who work for anti-abortion clinics? Moreover to support the egomaniac in the White House on the basis of his “anti-terror” travel ban on six Muslim countries is absolutely ridiculous. No citizen from any of the six countries has perpetrated a terrorist attack on US soil. Wilcox and his like should analyse why Pakistan or Saudi Arabia are not mentioned in the travel ban. 

However, asserting that a literal interpretation of the Koran is unacceptable has nothing to do with Islamophobia. As such, there is no basis for accusing Wilcox of Islamophobia merely because he rejects literalist Islam. 


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