Scriptwriters working furiously behind White House scenes

your say January 26, 2017 01:00

Reality TV was for the election process. Overnight, US politics has become a highly entertaining soap opera. The daily episode of “Trumpit” is not to be missed.

Viewers can look forward to the possibility of President Trump’s impeachment or resignation due to narcissistic boredom. Meanwhile, will global warming eventually combust those darned ridiculous yellow locks of hair?

What will befall the evil-looking White House spokesman, clearly working out of his comfort zone?

Will the White House be turned into a glitzy knocking-shop?

Might Putin become Trump’s secret gay lover?

Will a connection between late-night snorting and early-morning tweeting be revealed?

Will press relations be re-established in the new White House “me-dear” ego centre?

With his tax returns mysteriously in Mexican possession, will Trump be bribed into downgrading the wall to a borderland of poppy fields?

Could we see the Chinese called in to save the US coal industry?

 Might Trump stage a repeat inauguration ceremony with a massive paid audience of illegal immigrants? 

Will the unreported sidelining of the CIA prompt Canada to mount a surprise invasion?

Will the casting of a handwriting analyst expose dark secrets behind the “gothic” presidential signature?

Will the American people finally stop calling themselves the American people?

Anything can happen in a soap opera – and it will. Expect both tears and laughter, but very little reality.

John Shepherd



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