How can your cartoonist depict Trump like that?!

your say December 12, 2016 01:00

I am tired and insulted by your “caricaturist’s” drawings that so demeaningly depict President-elect Donald J Trump.

If Stepffh has a biased and personal grudge to grind with Mr Trump, he should do so on a non-public playing field!!!!

Today it is DJT as the “devil” and the “divider” – how terribly untrue and openly insulting and degrading.  And who has been the great divider of the American nation for the past eight years – the “Nobel” peace prize laureate Obama, who has shown with his many wars his true face. 

Never ever has there been a president who has so blatantly divided the nation specifically along racial lines.  Never has the black community been so abused and degraded as with Obama.  The unemployed rate, since early 2009, among the young blacks has jumped by a staggering 58 per cent. Abortions within the last three years amounted to one million. Never before has the black community been so brutalised and impoverished as during Obama’s regime.

And Mr Trump is not preaching division but coming together, healing the division, commune-eating and upholding Christian values, and last but not least love.