Thai Hotels Association is an ineffectual body

your say October 17, 2016 01:00

Re: “Keep hounding illegal hotels, THA urges govt” - The Nation 11th October 2016

The Thai Hotels Association is either impotent, naive (or a mix of both), or worse. Its leaders bleat and repeat but little else seems to happen. 

Those in charge are playing dumb to the fact there is more than one type of illegal hotel in Thailand: unlicensed and illegal; licensed, illegal but lacking THA membership; licensed, illegal and with THA membership.

Brown envelopes maintain the status quo throughout

and that is why the police are generally unwilling to take action. That foreign companies and international brands are involved also illustrates how much the system is

out of control and lacking in moral and professional leadership.

Come on, you guys at the THA. If there really is a genuine desire to protect the industry; don’t just leave it to the government. Stand up and be counted.

Demonstrate to the travelling public your ethical credentials. For example, if the THA knows of 10,000 unregistered hotels in Thailand (as claimed) why were only 10 reported to the police last year? Why not name and shame?

Why not petition the National Anti-Corruption Commission to launch a probe into the hospitality industry nationwide Why not lobby the newly-energised Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate public limited companies that own and

operate hotels illegally?

It’s time to do something momentous to stem the damage being inflicted on the industry you are there to protect and support.

John Shepherd

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