Prayut must ensure |transparent probe into family dealings

your say September 28, 2016 01:00

Premier Prayut Chan-o-cha’s nephew Pathompol partly owns a recently established company that has just won a multimillion-baht contract from the 3rd Army commanded by Prayut’s brother, General Preecha. Was there a conflict of interest and possible corrupti

Prayut was right not to object to the National Anti-Corruption Commission’s probe into this matter, since the prime minister’s inner circle must be above suspicion, and there must be a single standard for all. We cannot have a repeat of the incident where Preecha arranged for another son of his to bypass regular selection procedures before being hired to work in his own command – and Prayut cavalierly dismissed this possible misuse of public funds by saying, “Everyone does it.”
PM Prayut should insist that justice be seen to be done so that his brother and nephew’s names are cleared of suspicion. He should order all Army staff to cooperate fully with the NACC, enabling a swift and transparent investigation.
Burin Kantabutra 

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