Process left two Burmese rotting in jail for island killings not good enough

your say September 11, 2016 01:00

In a few days, it will be two years since the murder of two young Brits at Koh Tao; Hannah and David. Yet, there are two other victims.

I’m referring to the two “scapegoats”, the young Burmese men who were wrongly convicted of the crime and who now face being killed by Thai officialdom. For anyone studying advanced English, here’s a phrase to learn: ‘miscarriage of justice’. Definition: judicial procedures which are not carried out properly. That defines the processes which scapegoated the innocent concurrently shield the real murderers from justice. 

It’s been a sad two years.  Hopefully, the Royal Thai Police and people working within the Thai justice system (is that an oxymoron?) can improve how they do their jobs.  However, it’s already too late for the impoverished Burmese who have been rotting in jail for nearly two years – with no light at the end of the Byzantine tunnel.

Kip Keino

Chiang Rai

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