Police looking bad in ‘innocent maids’ case

your say July 06, 2016 01:00

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Re: “Police probe ‘hi-so’ woman over her treatment of maids”, National, July 3.

Thai-language newspaper headlines in recent days were about a woman accused of falsely accusing her former servants of stealing belongings worth millions of baht. Some of those accused are already in jail – for crimes they claim never occurred.
The online society accuses the woman of filing false complaints with police, and complicity by the police is also suspected.
The former servants are calling for further investigation into the case. 
Among them are a 19-year-old student and her parents, charged with stealing Bt10 million worth of items from this woman. The family claims innocence, countering that the woman is trying to intimidate them for refusing to work abroad as she wished.
As long as police reform is not being undertaken, stories like this will emerge time and again.
Vint Chavala