Appointment of Preecha’s son is not a good look

your say April 25, 2016 01:00

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General Prayut grabbed power in order to carry through much-needed reforms. Yet, he does not understand what a conflict of interest is, or why leaders must avoid such conflicts, for he staunchly defends his brother’s appointment of his nephew as an Army o

General Prayut’s brother, General Preecha, admitted that he chose his son Patipat, who has a BA (communications), to fill a post in the Army’s civil affairs directorate through a “special process”, as many other soldiers had recruited their children before.
But the military is paid for out of taxpayer money; so soldiers should serve all Thais, not just one family. Was the position vacancy advertised on the web, and for how many days? 
Earning a BA (communications) isn’t that hard; how many applicants were there? What was the criteria for the interview portion of the selection process? I see no reason why a new recruit should be required to have an Army sire – but even if so, did no other applicant have such a predecessor? A defence permanent secretary, like General Preecha, should have much more important things to do than hiring lowly sub-lieutenants. But even if so, a leader with integrity should know that a father could be severely biased in judging his son’s application – or could be seen has being biased – and stand aside. That our PM and General Preecha don’t know this is deeply troubling. For example, would they have the Army purchase only from Chan-o-cha-owned companies? Would they accept such nepotism by Thaksin and co?
To maintain their claim to reform, Prayut should have all the documents in this case posted on the Web, such as all the academic records, the interview criteria and the scores with the identities of the other candidates (altered for confidentiality). As the police often say, if you have done nothing wrong, there’s no need to hide.
Burin Kantabutra

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