Burn plastic for energy? What a choke!

your say April 12, 2016 01:00

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Re: “Superblock set to build waste-to-energy power plant in the Northeast”, National, April 11.

It sounds fishy to me. Though I’m apprised of and fully in favour of alternative power, I can’t see how burning “household waste” can accomplish nearly as much as claimed. They want Bt1.5 billion per plant to get started. What will they burn the waste with? Fossil fuels. Much of the waste is wet, and much is plastic, which when incinerated will pump toxic gases throughout the region. I’m glad I don’t reside in Isaan.

A smarter plan would be to burn agricultural waste. Spent hemp stalks would be ideal, but it’s illegal to grow hemp in Thailand. Meanwhile it’s perfectly legal to grow in China and dozens of other countries.
Ken Albertsen
Chiang Rai