Playing bridge has special exemption under Thai law

your say February 07, 2016 01:00

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Just when you think our intrepid police force can keep outdoing themselves, they certainly show they are a more dangerous version of the famous “Keystone Cops”. A few years ago, it was “controlling” the blind lottery vendors, now they are arresting bridge

Bridge has a special exemption under Thai law. It is not considered gambling. World wide, it is listed as a “Mind sport”, much like chess. Not a single baht exchanges hands during these three weekly bridge sessions.

Too bad they were not around in May of 2015 when more

than 300 players and officials were all gathered here when Thailand hosted the Asian

Youth Bridge Championships. Or, later, in December, when we hosted 500 more in Open Ladies and Seniors, Championships. That would have been a huge haul. 

Should I turn myself in?? I was the Tournament Director for these events. 

Pattaya Police should busy themselves rounding up drug dealers and cheating baht-bus drivers and leave bridge players of Pattaya alone.

The (now infamous) Bill Cosby once remarked during The Bridge Nationals in Las Vegas, “Bridge players come to town with the 10 Commandments and a $100 bill and they leave town without breaking either”.

Daniel Windsor

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