Even Eric Bahrt would do less damage than Obama

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Re: “God help us if Trump becomes US president”, Letters, January 4.

The thing that both Hillary Clinton and Eric Bahrt have missed is that it is a good thing to be on the jihadist’s “bad guy” list. They don’t seem to think so. This is the sort of convoluted thinking that prevails in America now. 
As for “God help America”, exactly what damage can The Donald do that hasn’t already been done? Can he put America in debt? (It’s already around $20 trillion in the hole). Could he get it involved in another war? (It has more skirmishes going on than Jimmy Carter has Little Liver Pills). Could he divide the races, ruin the school system, or give policemen across the nation a reason to feel disenchanted? Need I comment on that? 
The fact is that even if Eric Bahrt were to become US president he couldn’t do any more damage than has already been done. The only caveat to that statement is that he would annoy people even more than Trump does. 
John Arnone

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