Exposing Army park graft

your say December 13, 2015 01:00

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The government's clampdown on the Prachathipatai Sueksa student group over its attempt to highlight allegations of corruption in the Rajabhakti Park project has laid bare the junta's own insecurities and contradictions in policy.

If the government had just stood aside and allowed the students to do their thing, it would have fizzled out within a day. Instead it has dragged on and made headlines for several days.

Which raises an interesting point. It is not the students or former red shirt leaders performing their headline grabbing stunts that are a threat to the government. It is The Nation itself.

Through your front-page headlines, your editorials, your thoughtful columnists and the many letters to the editor, you are exposing the regime for what it is, or rather what it has become.

David Brown