Bane of bottled milk

your say March 28, 2015 01:00

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What is the No 1 enemy of babies? I vote for the dairy industry.

I just read John Robbins’s book, “May All Be Fed”, in which he quotes Unicef as saying that babies in Third World countries who are given bottled milk are 25 times more likely to die from diarrhoea than breast-fed babies. Robbins writes: “More than a million and a half babies die every year from the cycle of infection and malnutrition known as Bottle Baby Disease, almost all in Third World countries.”
Robbins notes that the British Medical Journal reported a study, which showed that of 339 infants who were hospitalised with gastro-enteritis, 338 had been bottle-fed.
What’s so insidious is that people representing the companies that sell bottled milk persuade hospitals in poor countries to give free bottled milk to new mothers, who assume the hospitals know what’s best. By the time the mothers realise they were tricked, they can no longer breastfeed their babies and must watch them suffer and sometimes die.
So if anyone wonders why I so strongly promote a vegan diet, it’s because the most defenceless victims of the meat and dairy industries – animals and babies – can’t speak for themselves. Someone has to speak for them.
Eric Bahrt
Chiang Mai

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