US needs to get a grip on the reality in Thailand, not one side's twisted view of events

your say February 08, 2015 16:29

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With reference to the recent statement, by Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Russel during his visit in Bangkok, the American Foreign Service knoweth little about Thai affairs, Thai policies, Thai government set-up, Thai planning for the solution of exi

Reportedly, receiving their information from one side only – the side which sought to overthrow the existing establishment, existing order, existing government entities, which made fun of the Thai judicial system, which stole reportedly billions of the Thai people’s money, whose leader ran away from Thailand to escape jail after he was legally declared a criminal by the Thai justice system, and who continues to spread completely false, untrue, and damaging information about the true situation in Thailand.

No wonder the American government, listening, it seems, to only one side of this complicated and so important situation in Thailand, seems to have come away with a rather cockeyed view of reality! It is important that a correct reading of the present situation in Thailand by the American government, through their very large and costly Embassy in Bangkok, should be done – so quickly and honestly!

And Mr Russel should learn some manners – “better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt!” – as a wise man said.

The Thai government and Thai people should not take umbrage at the statements of “fools, drunks, or children”, as our good mother has taught us.

Mr Russel might ask around about the real situation in Thailand, from the many honest patriots and citizens of this great country.

The “media” doth twist and turn – to keep their jobs – and keep their circulation!

The Thai nation and its citizen patriots have prevented atrocities in Thailand because they are strong, and are good people! And such good people are now in charge of the future of Thailand, and have embarked upon a difficult journey to set all things right!

The American government would do well to assist the Thai people in a kind and friendly manner, and in every way, to complete the transition from near anarchy and calamity, to calmness and peace.

John David Williams

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