What we can expect from 'I Hate Thailand'

your say November 25, 2014 01:00

Re: "TAT launches 'I Hate Thailand' video in 'unbranded' marketing strategy", Business, November 22.

While I admit to finding it entertaining, I was left puzzled as to how the Tourist Authority’s unbranded “I Hate Thailand” video is going to attract quality foreign tourists in line with the government’s policy. It seems more likely to encourage penniless European backpackers to overstay their visas in the hope of earning their living teaching village children at idyllic beach schools without bothering with such inconvenient formalities as teaching credentials or work permits. There they might also hope to find romance with philanthropic, peroxide blonde Thai beauties with a weakness for foreign paupers, throw stones at passing taxis without repercussions and have their cash and passports returned by honest Thai monkeys.
George Morgan

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