General's head big enough for only two hats

your say July 16, 2014 00:00

Re: "General Prayuth's dilemma: A single, dual or triple role?", ThaiTalk, July 10

I agree with Suthichai Yoon that, even though General Prayuth Chan-ocha hasn’t hinted at what role(s) he will take from now on, the day he decides to become the country’s “supreme leader” is the day the countdown begins to the end of his power.
I think Prayuth should think it is best for him to retire as Army commander in order to allow his friends in the military to advance in their careers uninterrupted.
And since General Prayuth is the one who decided to stage the coup in the first place, he should take the two most important roles simultaneously – as NCPO chief and as prime minister.
Only this way can he succeed in what he set out to do: reform the country by getting rid of the bureaucratic glitches and corruption and introduce equitable democracy to the country.
Vint Chavala