So, what exactly has William Heinecke ever done for us?

your say June 19, 2014 00:00

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So William Heinecke comes in for attack because he voices reason without threatening to launch M79 grenades at those who disagree him. Unlike most who write in with Western-sounding names, Heinecke is a Thai citizen with every right to express his knowled

As an observer here for many decades, I have watched in wonder as Heinecke fought the battles that protected Thai business from giant international corporations and won because he was right. His voice of experience has assisted many others who started with just an idea to go on and flourish here in a myriad of businesses.
If you are eating in a restaurant or ice cream parlour far cleaner and with better service than that same enterprise in your own country, thank Heinecke. If you can pick up your phone and get a pizza quickly with whatever toppings you desire, thank Heinecke. He not only brought this concept to Thailand but fought the pizza war that made all others try to match his standards. Some of us recall the day you could finally get a soft, quality doughnut in Thailand and whispered to ourselves over a quality cup of coffee, “Thanks, Mr Heinecke!”
In times when there is a disaster or a project of national concern, thank Heinecke for showing others for decades that this can be done without standing in 
the limelight to get the kudos.
If you went to work this morning at normal speed without a grenade being launched by a “pro-democracy” group, thank the Royal Thai Army and thank Heinecke for bringing it to your attention. Why? Because his track record for caring for this country is unchallenged by foreigners or fellow Thais alike.
In the end, as your tour goes to a place where elephants are protected and cared for, yep, you got it, thank Mr Heinecke, because without any fanfare he simply cared.
In the spirit of fairness and transparency I would be remiss if I did not take one verbal shot at Mr Heinecke.
Jeez, Bill, Pepsi instead of Coke and 7 Up?
Major Mark A Smith, USA, Retired