Are those calling for reform sincere about tackling graft?

your say February 03, 2014 00:00

When we talk about corruption we always point a finger at the Thaksin regime. We think if we get rid of the Shinawatra clan, the country will be free of corruption. In reality, corruption is in everyone's DNA, but we don't admit it.

Have you ever “donated” BtX00,000 to secure your kids a place in prestigious schools? Or have you ever slipped a cop Bt200 so you could get away with speeding? Or have you ever “tipped” government officials so that your business can be concluded in 10 minutes instead of dragging on for 10 working days? 
That is corruption, only we don’t admit it. We call it one hand washing the other. Bribery too is everywhere. Truck companies bribe so they can overload their trucks. Merchandise vendors bribe for the privilege to sell on sidewalks. Prostitution rings and gambling dens thrive because they bribe the authorities. And get this! Thais even bribe Buddha statues and other sacred idols, promising sacrifices if they win big in the lottery or win back their lover.
Do you believe corruption will be gone after the “reform”? I don’t. Corruption is a way of life and is here to stay. Those who are shouting against corruption are those who don’t have a chance to get their hands on the goodies or those who haven’t been caught.
Somsak Pola
Samut Prakan