Thaksin's silence conspicuous

your say January 25, 2014 00:00

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The tension is higher than ever, the nation is deadlocked, and it all seems to be principally over Thaksin.

He’s a man who loves the limelight, pays for press, has an “official spokesman” and usually pontificates weekly on politics and policy. Yet he’s gone so quiet. Not a peep out of spokesman Noppadom despite the fact that unfolding government actions bear the unmistakable antagonist hallmark of Thaksin’s omnipresent hand. Could it be a tacit admission that he now sees what a divisive figure he really is? That he is the problem, not the solution? Never mind the power struggle, he must surely have realised now that he is a marked and hated man, unlikely to set foot safely in Thailand ever again. Where to from here for the man?
Chiang Mai