Alcohol ban for trains is a good idea

your say December 22, 2013 00:00

I wish to applaud the Anti-Alcohol Organisations Network for sending a petition to the Public Health Ministry demanding a ban on alcohol on Thai trains (Nation, Dec 17).

In past letters I have complained about those horrible, obnoxious drunks who get on the train and are so disruptive that it’s impossible to get a minute of sleep. Even worse the people who work for the Thai State Railway – possibly the most incompetent, dangerous and unprofessional train system in the world – who continuously serve those drunks large bottles of beer, thus showing total lack of regard for other passengers.
I drink beer myself. But I believe an overnight train ride should be a pleasant, wholesome experience and children should not be exposed to low-life bums who can’t sit on a train for a few hours without getting drunk.
Eric Bahrt