Propaganda versus democracy

your say November 20, 2013 00:00

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We could take Edward Snowden as a cautionary example. He must agonise over every word he writes or says, knowing there is a giant, government-funded propaganda machine ready to make a huge, enduring issue out of any slightly incorrect wording, thus ready

Why shouldn’t all Thai journalists make that same extreme effort every day – or any other journalists?
I was inside that propaganda machine for years and I know that now, more than ever, there are people working there day and night trying to find a word or phrase that could spawn a false but politically useful issue. It could be one word here, one phrase there, and pretty soon the propagandists have a whole litany of evidence to present, misleading though it might be.  
Make the choice yourselves, Thai journalists, realising that democracy itself hangs in the balance and that propaganda does not make a democracy, nor will it ever.
Journalism is not a game for children or a hobby for immature thinkers. Credible, responsible news media are components of the engine of democracy. Without those components, a would-be-democracy is simply scrap metal.
Guy Baker