Protesters must respect the rights of others

your say November 07, 2013 00:00

I agree with the anti-amnesty protesters who say that, by declaring that those who rob, steal, murder and assassinate have done no wrong, Pheu Thai will tear asunder the moral fabric of our society.

But the protesters – especially the Democrats – should remember that all other citizens have equal rights that must be respected, including the right to work, live, study and pass through the protest venues. They must not repeat the mistake of the yellow shirts and red shirts and think that the nobleness of their cause trumps the rights of everybody else. 
Thus, in rallying, the leaders must ensure that students, workers, tourists and whoever else is nearby can carry out their activities in peace and quiet. When my equal-rights group fought segregation in the United States, we set up picket lines, working closely with the police, following the letter and spirit of the law, generating only favourable publicity. The Democrats should do likewise.
Burin Kantabutra