A balanced diet is recommended

your say October 15, 2012 00:00

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Eric Bahrt once again writes mistruths in order to stop people eating animals and fish. He writes ("Bullinger's beef lacks substance", October 10) that Horst Bullinger has been unable to disprove a single point that he has made that the meat industry harm

The American Heart association and countless other health organisations recommend to us to eat meat and fish as part of a healthy, balanced diet. I take that as evidence that Eric is wrong.

Eric, of course, eating too much meat is harmful, we know that. But eating a balanced portion of meat and fish is not harmful, so stop trying to tell us that it is. A vegan diet is harmful to your health also, if not done properly. It’s all about balance.

And anyway, your campaign against meat-eaters has nothing to do with you worrying about our health. You are a self-confessed animal rights activist and that is your real agenda – to stop us eating animals.

Victor Meldrew