Fun over the Chinese New Year in Kanas

World February 04, 2019 16:00

By The Nation

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Hemu Village’s Hongbasi Ice Park in China is playing host to the “Original New Year” festival that ends tomorrow.

Organised by Xinjiang Kanas Scenic Area, this year’s “Original New Year” is promoted as a true exploration into the local culture and boasts over 20 traditional folk ceremonies, performances and activities. For example, the iconic tradition of cracking the bones and sucking the marrow, which sees local residents boiling a bovine’s hind legs and allows guests to join in the prayer for a happy and healthy life as the marrow fills the bones.

Other fun programmes include a campfire party, lantern festival, several popular dance performances and local food. The dance performances will be filmed and uploaded to Chinese music video platform Tik Tok (also known as Douyin in China).

Families can enjoy riding in a horsedrawn sled or playing about on ancient fur skis. There’s also a boutique corner where guests can try on a traditional Chinese costumes and shoot a short video to promote tourism in Kanas by transforming Kanas Scenic Area into a “must see” destination.