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World February 08, 2018 14:12

By The NationGastroBeats, which debuted in i Light Marina Bay 2017, will find its new home at the Promontory and present a neon/glow playground for all f

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Singapore’s biggest carnival, the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival, continues through April 1, with much of the fun over the next month taking place in conjunction with i Light Marina Bay 2018.

GastroBeats, which debuted in i Light Marina Bay 2017, will find its new home at the Promontory and present a neon/glow playground for all food and music lovers to enjoy, with the crowd-favourite Star Flyer ride in the backdrop. Visitors can look forward to new activities such as LED-lit hula hoop stations, and glow-in-the-dark renditions of familiar games such as hopscotch, chess, tic-tac, jenga, floor pong, twister and paintball.

“As a carnival for the people, we continue to curate interesting programmes with our partners to provide a meaningful destination for families and friends to spend quality time together. We look forward to welcoming more to come by the Carnival grounds and enjoy the accessible entertainment at Marina Bay,” said Barnabas Chia, lead of the Organising Team behind the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival.

On three consecutive Sundays from March 18, it will partner social enterprise Terra SG to put a spotlight on sustainability with the Sustainability Sundays at Terra Village programme. Gathering a community of crafters, designers and cyclists to encourage public consciousness in caring for environment, visitors can both shop for earth-friendly products and participate in eco-craft workshops.

In addition, visitors can participate in a series of complimentary weekly mass workouts as part of the Fitness by the Bay programme, held in collaboration with Pure Fitness and Pure Yoga. Singaporean music groups including alternative rock band Cadence, indie-pop band M1ldlife, hip hop collective Mediocre Haircut Crew will also take the stage from Friday to Sunday to add to the electrifying atmosphere.

On March 31, it will host the Illumi Fest Run where participants will be splashed with glow-in-the-dark water as they experience various activity zones that include a giant Illumi slide, Splash Box and end the night as a glowing light installation.

Admission is free for all, and credits for rides and games can be purchased on-site and online via Both Gastrobeats and Prudential Marina Bay Carnival are Festival Hubs of i Light Marina Bay 2018.