Walking in a winter wonderland

World January 05, 2018 16:00

By The Nation

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With winter now in full swing, the China Ice and Snow Tourism Promotion Alliance is inviting us all to don our warmest clothes and indulge in five tourist routes that showcase the best of China’s ice and snow.

The Joyous Folklore Trip concept gives visitors a chance to enjoy the grandest festivals and carnivals that reflect the distinctive Chinese culture. 

It starts in Yuxian County, Zhangjiakou, where tourists can enjoy authentic drama, singing and Yangge dance and attend a paper-cut workshop to learn how to make window decorations. In Changchun, you will find yourself encircled by the strong movie elements in the Changchun Movie Wonderland theme park and immersed in history at its museums. 

Participate in winter fishing in Jingpo Lake, watch the rolling snowy mountains in the Snow Town, and join in the celebrations of the Spring Festival. In Harbin, you pass exquisite churches while listening to music. This route runs to Hailar, where mystic Ice and Snow Naadam and unique Mongolian customs are sure to impress you. 

Ideal for winter sports lovers, the Thrilling Vitality Trip theme was just set up following China’s successful bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Chongli is a paradise for ski enthusiasts, with an accumulative snowpack one metre thick. The mountainous town is home to the biggest ski theme park in Asia, the Natural Ski Park of Changbai Mountains, which boasts quality services and complete facilities.

Once a hunting enclosure for the imperial family and Manchu aristocrats in the Qing Dynasty , the Yabuli Ski Resort is among the top ten ski resorts in the world, with three mountains connected to form a super ski trail.

Under the Fantastic Art Trip theme, Harbin’s Ice and Snow World is hailed as the Ice and Snow Disneyland, displaying stunning artworks, exciting activities and beautiful night views that bring Harbin a festive air throughout winter. 

As the origin of China's snow sculpture art, Harbin's artistic Sun Island Snow Expo exhibits interesting snow sculptures, which are superb in quality, novel in design, and large in size, making it the world’s largest ice and snow carnival. 

The route of Romantic Hot Spring Trip invites travellers to experience hot spring bathing. In the coastal city of Yingkou in Liaoning Province, bathing in the hot springs in winter has become a feature and the high quality of the thermal water attracts a large number of tourists.

 Changbai Mountains, Jilin Province offers the open-air hot spring, surrounded by rime ice formations and an amazing winter landscape. In Daqing, Heilongjiang Province is rich in geothermal resources and hot springs. 

The Gorgeous Scenery Trip features the Heaven Lake that looks like a fairyland with running water, a transparent ice cover, and steaming mist. In remote Kanas, you will see the magnificent snowfield, crystal rime ice on the birches, gleaming ice lakes, the misty Fairy Cove in the morning vand fairytale villages with smoke rising from the chimneys.