Tintin goes to Hong Kong

World October 12, 2017 13:22

By The Nation

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Much-loved Belgian Tintin travels to Hong Kong next month for the first full-scale exhibition of the comic hero of the 20th century. “The World of Tintin” will showcase eight albums from the renowned “Adventures of Tintin” series.

Co-organised by the non-profit Hoca Foundation and the Herge Museum, the immersive experience will feature vivid scenography of the imaginative world created by the Belgian illustrator and creator of Tintin, Herge.

The exhibition will be held from November 17 to December 26 at the new ArtisTree, a venue sponsored by Swire Properties. A public two-day conference, as well as a series of educational comic art workshops will run in parallel, tailored for students in collaboration with local schools.

Created in 1929, the Tintin adventures have been translated into over more than languages and sold more than 230 million copies worldwide. Each thematic section of the exhibition has been designed to bring the intrepid boy reporter to life. It traces Herge’s path from his first stories to his mature works, following Tintin as he crosses continents between North America, Africa, Asia, Europe and beyond.

A cultural touchstone of the 20th century, the canonical series of Tintin albums featured include “Tintin in America”; “Cigars of the Pharaoh”; “The Blue Lotus”; “The Broken Ear”; “King Ottokar's Sceptre”; “The Shooting Star”; “The Red Sea Sharks” and “Tintin in Tibet”. Packed with gripping adventures, action and page-turning humour, the show highlights Tintin beyond the fictional narrative, offering glimpses of the social and political contexts of its time.

Visual art has played an important role in documenting historical events, and the series serve as vehicles to express Herge’s views on the various conflicts he witnessed during his lifetime. Ushering in a new dimension in comic strips, the Tintin series has since been recognised as an important work of art that reflects the changing perspectives of its audience throughout the 1900s.

The exhibition also includes three specially created models of Tintin scenes, including a model of Tintin’s apartment; a large diorama of the ticker tape parade in Chicago from “Tintin in America”, highlighting Herge’s sophisticated use of perspective; and a collector’s model of a street scene populated by signature Tintin cars, accurately rendered from the automobiles of the time.

Flanked by colourful scenes set in vinyl throughout the space and reconstituted as the show’s wallpaper, the exhibition design transforms Herge’s motifs into a compelling environment that befits his trademark characters and evokes the illustrator’s magical world and limitless imagination.

Three pop-up shops will also be presented around Hong Kong, at ArtisTree, CityPlaza and Central, presenting a wide range of Tintin gifts, books and memorabilia.

Find out more at www.Hoca.org.