Two more destinations for Vietjet

World September 11, 2017 15:12

By The Nation

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Low-cost airline Vietjet took advantage of Vietnamese National Day to announce new routes from Ho Chi Minh City to Jakarta and Hanoi to Yangon as well as launch programmes to attract the interest of tourists.

This holiday, the number of passengers carried by Vietjet increased by 27 per cent against the same period last year, with an on-time performance of 88.3 per cent. Vietjet added supplementary staff in its Technical department, and Flight Operation and Ground Operation departments to ensure passengers continue to enjoy the best low-cost flight services.

Besides ensuring high levels of safety and security, the company offered passengers many activities such as on-board welcoming by Vietjet’s flight attendants in costumes featuring the Vietnamese national flag. The airline also hosted “the Great Circle of Vietnam”, a special flight on which nearly 200 passengers sang together as part of an Acapella choir. In addition, passengers celebrated National Day with great gifts and a lucky draw for free domestic flight tickets and other gifts.

 Vietjet’s leaders and pilots joined a delegation led by the Vietnamese Communist Party and Government to visit Bac Son Monument in Hanoi, where they laid wreaths and showed their respect to Vietnamese heroes and martyrs on the 72nd Anniversary of the August Revolution and Vietnamese National Day.

With its high-quality services, special low-fare tickets and diverse ticket classes, Vietjet offers its passengers enjoyable flights with a dynamic and friendly flight crew, comfy seats, delicious hot meals, quality souvenirs at the Sky Shop and other surprises served by the airline’s friendly and professional flight attendants. 

Currently, the airline boasts a fleet of 45 aircraft, including A320s and A321s, and operates 350 flights each day. It has already opened 73 routes in Vietnam and across the region to international destinations such as Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, China and Myanmar. It has carried nearly 40 million passengers to date.

Vietjet Thailand currently operates three new and modern A320 aircraft, one of which is emblazoned with Thailand’s dynamic tourism symbol “Amazing Thailand”. The carrier’s flight network includes three domestic routes, Bangkok-Phuket, Bangkok-Chiang Mai and Phuket-Chiang Rai, and three international routes from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Hai Phong.

Looking ahead, Vietjet plans to expand its network across the Asia Pacific region. To prepare for this plan, Vietjet has signed agreements with the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers to purchase more brand-new and modern aircraft.

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