Keeping Phuket’s beaches clean

Thailand September 09, 2017 01:00

By The Nation

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The Phuket Hotels Association is encouraging locals and visitors to conserve the marine environment with the “Hearts with Hands, Keep Phuket Clean” beach clean-up event on September 16.

Organised under the umbrella of the Environmental & Sustainability Working Group, the event draws millions of volunteers across the globe to fight ocean pollution in support of the International Coastal Clean Up Campaign. 

“We are focused on three main areas: Phuket branding, local education and environmental protection. By cleaning up our beaches we are promoting Phuket as a global beach destination brand and we are also educating local communities, tourists and island businesses on the need to take care of the island’s natural assets while preserving the environmental health of the ocean,” said Anthony Lark, president of the Phuket Hotels Association and the managing director of Trisara. 

Plastic is choking the world’s seas and putting marine life in danger. Some 46,000 items of debris now occupy every square mile of ocean and plastic is found in 62 per cent of all sea birds and 100 per cent of sea turtle species tested after their demise. 

The Phuket Hotels Association recognises the need for action and is lobbying local community groups, schools, residents, expatriates and tourists to join forces and clean up garbage from the beaches around the island before it reaches the sea. 

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