Shirasu on the table

tasty April 26, 2019 01:00


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Up & Above Restaurant at The Okura Prestige Bangkok is offering the special summer dishes made from healthy Japanese whitebait (shirasu) throughout May and June.

Known for their high protein and calcium content, the fish are also packed with magnesium and zinc and relatively low in fat and sodium. While some like to eat shirasu fresh and raw, most prefer to eat them either sundried or, in a similar fashion to tempura, coated with a seasoned wheat flour or potato starch mix and lightly fried (karaage). 

The chefs are serving a delicious, zesty appetiser of shirasu-karaage. First the tiny fish are lightly fried in light oil and placed in the paper bag before the wasabi powder, dried seaweed and Shichimi Togarashi are added. The bag is secured tightly and shaken well to coat the fish, which is then plated and enjoyed with the citrusy yuzu mayonnaise. Light and bright with flavour, it is the perfect way to begin a meal. The prices start at Bt350-plus.   

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