A noodle tour of Ratchaprasong

tasty October 08, 2018 13:08

By The Nation

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Bangkok’s Ratchaprasong intersection is packed with dining places serving a diverse range of cuisine, all within easy strolls of one another along the Ratchaprasong Walk, an interconnected skywalk.

This sample culinary journey takes in 10 different noodle dishes.

Sawang (Hua Lampong) at Pratunam has a terrific starter – Egg Noodles with shrimp wontons, barbecued pork and crab claws. 

A tempting and quick meal, it has noodles made fresh the same day and duck eggs. The wontons are stuffed with shrimp and steamed to perfection. The Chinese-style barbecued pork is marinated in coconut sugar and grilled in a way unlike any other noodle stall. The crab claws are fresh from Yaowarat. 

Price: Bt150-Bt300

Location: Between Phetchaburi Sois 30 and 32, opposite the Palladium World Shopping

Open: Daily from 9.30am to 11.30pm. 

Call (02) 056 0663

Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant at the Arnoma Grand Hotel Bangkok serves wonderful Braised Noodles with goose web in abalone sauce.

Anyone looking for original Guangdong food should visit Ah Yat for its famous Braised Noodles, cooked in a process that takes days to enrich and tenderise the goose legs. The steamed legs are then roasted with egg noodles and shiitake mushroom. The dish is generally sweet and slightly salty. 

Price: Bt980-plus

Location: Second floor of Arnoma Grand

Open: Daily from 11am to 3pm and 6 to 11. 

Call (02) 255 0356.

Mae Sri Ruen at CentralWorld offers delightful Chicken Noodles, the most popular dish at the 57-year-old noodle bar. In soup of chicken and pig bones and daikon radish, all the ingredients – – limes, mung bean sprouts, dried chillies and peanuts – are boiled and steamed for hours. Both noodles and chicken are also seasoned, so no extra condiments are needed. 

Price: Bt50++

Location: Third floor of CentralWorld

Open: Daily from 10 to 10. 

Call (02) 646 1821.

Provence Restaurant at Gaysorn Village tempts with Khao Soi with Crispy Duck Leg, a fusion of northern curries noodles with thick, mildly spicy soup and a chunky, French-style duck leg. It’s recommended by Thais and foreigners alike. 

Price: Bt420-plus

Location: L floor of Gaysorn Village

Open: Daily 10.30am to 8pm. 

Call (02) 656 1438.


Utaandon at Isetan, CentralWorld, serves a marvellous Nabeyaki Udon, a sweet, aromatic soup that’s simmered for five hours using a base of dried Northern Bluefin Tuna imported from Japan and sheets of kombu seaweed. The soba and udon noodles are made in-house and their quality shows in their firmness. 

Price: Bt280-plus

Location: Sixth floor of Isetan

Open: Daily 11am to 10pm. 

Call (02) 255 9800.

Pad Thai with Prawns by Pad Thai Mae Yai Singburi at The Cook Food Centre, Amarin Plaza

Serving Pad Thai – a famous Thai comfort food for more than 70 years, the secret of deliciousness without needing any extra condiment of Pad Thai Mae Yai Singburi is in a combination of noodles, eggs, tofu, mung bean sprouts, rice bran oil and a special sauce upon frying. Sourness is enhanced right after frying by ripe tamarind without the use of MSG. Fresh lemons and vegetables are staple so customers can add them as they wish. 

Price: Bt70

Location: fourth floor of The Cook Food Centre, Amarin Plaza

It is opened daily from 10am to 7pm. Call (094) 646 2442.

Chashu Itto Tsukemen by Menya Itto at Erawan Bangkok

Ranked as Tokyo’s best ramen shop by Tabelog - Japan’s trusted restaurant review website - Menya Itto now opens its door at Erawan Bangkok. The ramen is cooked with only premium ingredients, especially its homemade Tsukemen ramen noodles imported from Japan. This noodle is generally firm so it can suck soup when being contacted and it contains rice germs so it releases aromatic scents and nutritious substances when being cooked. Inside a soup pot, the soup is composed of chickens, fishes, sakura shrimps and scallops. For alluring taste, everything is boiled and steamed for 18 continuous hours. 

Price: Bt270-plus

Location: LG floor of Erawan Bangkok

It is opened on weekdays for lunch from 11.30am to 3.30pm and dinner from 6 to 9 and weekends from 11.30am to 9pm. Call (02) 250 7669.

Shindangdong Tteokbokki Premium by Tudari at CentralWorld 

This best-selling menu has a Korean root all the way and customers can add topping to suit their likings, such as chicken, beef, pork, fatty pork, crab stick, shrimp, squid, fish cake, fish tofu, fried wonton, Tteok bokki, egg, clear noodles, Shinramen or Korean noodles. Toppings are best of their ranges and most of them are imported from Korea. The dish is bold in taste and loved by people of all ages as the soup is naturally sweet while a special spicy sauce and freshly cut chilies are put atop the noodle for a punch.

Price: Bt450-plus

Location: seventh floor of CentralWorld

It is opened daily from 10 to 10. Call (02) 252 6696.

Rice Noodle with Southern Crab Meat Curry and Deep-Fried Soft-Shell Crab with Vegetables by Kub Kao Kub Pla at Gaysorn Tower 

Made with ingredients from verifiable local sources, the dish strikes food lovers with soft rice noodle and coconut soup served with crabmeat with punchy spiciness - a nod to Southern Thai cuisine. The soup is complemented by Crispy Soft-Shell Crabs with assorted fresh vegetables served on the side. 

Price: Bt490-plus

Location: third floor of Gaysorn Tower

It is opened daily from 10.30am to 10pm. Call (02) 075 2661.


Tagliatelle con Aragosta by Theo Mio: Italian Kitchen by Theo Randall at InterContinental Bangkok Hotel

 Al dente, homemade pasta, sweet lobster meat and rich chorizo pork sausage are tossed in a pan with a sour ketchup sauce specially created by Theo Randall, a British celebrity chef. It is then topped with a spicy kick from an Italian variety of Thai basil. It has an open kitchen to arouse diners with dreamlike scents upon cooking and allow them to see each dish when it is being actualised. 

Price: Bt725-plus

Location: G floor of InterContinental Hotel Bangkok. 

It is opened daily from 11.30 to 11.30. Call (02) 656 0444 extension 6273.