Michelin dining that won’t break the bank

tasty September 04, 2018 10:21

By The Nation

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While some people think that the Michelin grub is only available to those with buckets of cash, travel booking platform Traveloka shows otherwise in a gastronomic survey that reveals the 50 most-affordable affordable Michelin-starred meals around the world.

The research found that East Asia and South East Asia are home to eight of the world’s 10 cheapest Michelin-grade meals and the cheapest meal is served by Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle, a street food stall in Singapore, at the price of $2.20 (Bt72).

In Europe, the most budget-friendly Michelin-grade meal is available in Spain, with the set lunch menu at L’Antic Moli, which is located between Barcelona and Valencia, costing just $16.90 (Bt553). Meanwhile, the USA’s cheapest Michelin-star meal at Al’s Place in San Francisco starts from $18 (Bt589).

“The Michelin Guide catalogues the best restaurants in the world, but with some tasting menus costing upwards of $500, these restaurants are largely inaccessible and off limits to many travellers. Food is without a doubt one of the most exciting parts of travelling. A meal can make or break a trip, but it can be hard to distinguish the good eateries from the bad when visiting a foreign country,” says Christian Suwarna, senior vice president of business development at Traveloka.

Although the vast majority of restaurants featured have achieved one Michelin star, Tuju, a two-star Sao Paulo restaurant, also made the list, where a set lunch menu costs just $21.80.

To put these costs into perspective, a truly dedicated foodie could afford to dine at all 50 of the cheapest Michelin-grade restaurants ($1,759) for the same price as a single sitting at the world’s most expensive restaurant, Ibiza’s Sublimotion, where a set menu costs $1,761.

“Amongst these eye-wateringly expensive menus are some surprisingly affordable options, offering top-quality meals at prices even the most budget-conscious traveller could swallow,” Suwarna adds.

“Our guide to the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred meals gives people the opportunity to experience beautiful, boast-worthy food without the hefty price tag this type of fare typically comes with. This means diners can fill their Instagram feeds whilst filling their stomachs — safe in the knowledge that they won’t have to empty their bank accounts to pay for it.”