Crocs in the cakes

tasty September 03, 2018 14:33

By The Nation

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Anantara Siam celebrates the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival with a set of limited-edition handcrafted Crocodile Mooncake Boxes created by Thai premium leather designer Pellevah.

All packages are made with highest quality Siamese crocodile skin from certified farms adhering to the international CITES regulations and laws to protect wildlife species. Only eight elite Crocodile Mooncake Boxes will be produced for ultimate exclusivity – number 8 symbolising prosperity, success, and fortune in Chinese culture. 

The sophisticated ruby red skin is accented with the finest cow leather in a 24-carat gold tone and each box is adorned with a meticulous lotus motif hand painted by a skilled Thai artist. The exclusive Crocodile Mooncake Box is priced at Bt288,888.

The octagon shaped box opens from the front revealing four drawers inside, with each drawer containing a freshly baked mooncake. The box’s timeless style is designed for use after the festival as an elegant display or jewellery box.

The Mocha & Muffins bakery offers two additional specially designed mooncake boxes holding four of the delicacies. The elegant octagon Red Velvet Leather Box with four drawers is yours for Bt1,600-plus (170 g per piece), the Premium Red Velvet Box, which a standout half-moon design opens up to a full-moon shape revealing a golden lotus symbol, costs Bt950-plus (60 g per piece).

Handcrafted mooncakes are available in four classic fillings, namely custard, Green Tea, Durian Single Yolk and Jujube Single Yolk.

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