It’s all in the water

tasty August 30, 2018 15:40

By The Nation

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France’s leading bottled water manufacturer Ogeu debuts its premium natural mineral water in Thailand as an extravagant accompaniment to fine dining experience.

It’s being served with a special set menu inspired by Ogeu at six restaurants today and tomorrow. 

Recommended by Gerard Basset, the most awarded sommelier in the world, the origins of Ogeu date back 200 years when a natural spring in the Pyrenees was discovered. Since its inception in 1820, Ogeu has grown in popularity as one of France’s four market leaders in premium bottled natural mineral water that is available in 20 countries worldwide.

The clean, pure, well-preserved spring is tucked away in the wildest massif of the Pyrenees beyond the reach of urban encroachment and has existed in complete isolation from the trappings of civilisation. The water filters through layers of rock formations to underground cavities 500 metres deep.

Ogeu mineral water makes a lavish accompaniment to every luxurious meal. With a smooth flavour and low mineral content, the natural mineral water complements food flavours as well as wine.

Presented in a luxury bottle, Ogeu is quite distinct: its cap displays the French flag’s colours denoting the glamour and quality of made-in-France products as well as French cuisine that has been declared by Unesco as a world intangible heritage.

Ogeu is making its first foray into Thailand through IHC Hospitality Solutions, its sole importer and distributor in Thailand. Diners can taste it at Artur Restaurant, Le Cabanon, Loulou Forks & Glasses, Oskar Bistro, The Reflexions and Savelberg.