Eating out with mother

tasty August 10, 2018 01:00

By The Nation

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To celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday (August 12), families taking mums out for a special meal to any restaurant under the Jim Thompson brand from tomorrow through Monday can enjoy special menus aesthetically prepared with fresh ingredients and cutting-edge culinary artistry as well as a refined honey and mulberry jam gift set.

Jim Thompson Restaurant and Wine Bar at Jim Thompson House, and Bombyx at Siam Paragon serves seasoned white fish stuffed into a flower shaped steamed flour paste called Chor Mali (Bt180) and follows up with main dishes designed for sharing including the healthy and colourful Khao Yam Pak Tai (Bt220). Pla Gra Phong Yang Sauce Saowarod (Bt320 ) is a nourishing dish in which the seabass is meticulously grilled with Jim Thompson’s sweet and sour passion fruit sauce and cooked to perfection. Last but not least, a rarely seen dish known as Gaeng Poo Bai Cha Kram (Bt450) is served to impress mothers. A spicy coconut milk-based soup, it’s simmered along with sea blite leaves and crab paddle-legs. Customers who spend a minimum of Bt2,500 per receipt will receive a complimentary honey and mulberry jam gift set from Jim Thompson Farm. 

At Jim Thompson Restaurant and Lounge on Surawong Road, the special meal starts with bite-sized Chor Mali and Pomelo Salad - a pomelo-based hors d’oeuvre prepared with shrimps and herbs. Tom Yam Pla Ga Phong is a health-conscious dish with a kick from robust tom yum ingredients. Gaeng Massaman Kai is a must-have along with Pad Pak Ruammitr Hed Hom and nutritious two-toned steamed rice - white jasmine rice and purple jasberry rice. Firm and fluffy Pandan Cake is served rounds out the meal, which is priced at Bt699 meal and with that honey and mulberry jam gift set. 

Reservations can be made at (02) 632 8100 for Jim Thompson Restaurant and Wine Bar as well as The Jim Thompson House; at (02) 129 4840 for BOMBYX; and at (02) 235 8932 for Jim Thompson Restaurant and Lounge on Surawong Road.