• The sister branch of the famed Dynasty Chinese restaurant opens in downtown Bangkok at Centara Grand at CentralWorld.
  • Wagyu Rib Eye is wok-fried with black pepper sauce
  • Australian Abalone are braised with vegetables
  • Deep-fried duck spring roll
  • Steamed zucchini with prawn dumping
  • Steamed shrimp dumpling with Japanese pumpkin

A date with Dynasty

tasty June 03, 2018 01:00

By Khetsirin Pholdhampalit
The Sunday Nation

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The much-loved Cantonese restaurant takes its creations to downtown Bangkok

A FAVOURITE with fans of Cantonese food since it opened 35 years ago, Dynasty restaurant at Centara Grand, Central Plaza Ladprao has now spread its wings, opening a sister branch in downtown Bangkok to cater to urbanites on the go.

Located on the 24th floor of Centara Grand at CentralWorld, Dynasty occupies the 800 square-metre dining area that used to house the Asian-inspired restaurant Ginger. The 200-seat, glass-wrapped restaurant boasts a contemporary Asian design incorporating the contrasting elements of fire and water through fluid curves and a cool aquarium, to transparent displays and five glass-enclosed private rooms. 

The sister branch of the famed Dynasty Chinese restaurant opens in downtown Bangkok at Centara Grand at CentralWorld.

The open dim sum station with its piping hot bamboo steamer baskets teases the taste buds while the adjacent live cooking station allows diners to watch the chef as he makes hand-pulled noodles. 

“Though the menu is based on the flagship eatery, some new dishes have been created to add contemporary flair,” says chef Kongsun Sae-Liang. “You can try a steamed prawn dumpling crafted to look like a golden fish, or steamed zucchini with prawn dumping prepared in the shape of a carrot. A steamed shrimp dumping is also wrapped to look like a scallop and served in a martini glass.”


Steamed golden fish-shaped dumpling

Kongsun has lived in Bangkok for more than 30 years and had worked at the original Dynasty and the Noble House at the former Nai Lert Park Hotel as well as in the kitchens of the Aurora Hotel in Malaysia.

“Cantonese cuisine is all about subtlety and uncomplicated flavours. Our food portions are offered in three sizes – small, medium and large –and with choices of set menus for big family banquets. We offer good food at reasonable prices, hoping people will return and become regular patrons,” he adds.

Deep-fried shrimp dumpling

The all-you-can-eat dim sum available daily from 11.30am to 2.30pm is great value for money as until the end of this month, diners can enjoy a 25-percent discount from the normal price of Bt850-plus per person.

The buffet is hassle-free and you don’t even have to wait your turn to fill your plate. The dim sum dishes can be ordered from a menu that has more than 50 dishes on offer. You just order what you like and the dishes will be served hot at the table. They come with two or three pieces in one dish, allowing you to sample a wide variety of tastes and have fun sharing dishes with your party.

Deep-fried fish spring roll

Among the new dim sum dishes are Deep-fried Alaska Bean Curd featuring crispy fried bean curd wrappers filled with crabmeat and Japanese green bean, Deep-fried Shrimp Dumpling coated with crispy almond flake and served with lemon sauce, as well as Fish Spring Roll – snow fish wrapped in a fine-spun outer netting and deep-fried until it’s flaky and delicate.

Deep-fried shrimp with lemon sauce

In the steamed category, the new offerings are yellow-shaded Shrimp Dumpling with Japanese Pumpkin, Snow Fish with Black Bean Sauce, as well as Prawn Dumpling – all of them wrapped to look like scallops and steamed with teriyaki and sour sauce and topped with shredded ginger, chopped sweet pepper and coriander leaf.

Steamed shrimp dumpling with Beijing sauce

In addition to unlimited dim sum, you also have the option of two choices of appetisers ranging from drunken chicken, roasted duck and BBQ pork to jellyfish with sesame oil, crispy thin slices of pork leg and ear, and a bowl of soup. Here again, the choice is generous with black mushroom and bamboo pith, Sichuan-style hot and sour soup and conpoy and fish maw all on the list.

A platter of mixed appetisers

And it doesn’t end there. You can choose between rice or noodles from a menu that includes fried rice with duck/chicken and salted egg, fried egg noodle with chicken and noodles in gravy sauce topped with pork. For dessert, you’ll hesitate between seasonal fruits, hot rice dumplings in ginger soup, and chilled honeydew melon and sago.

If you simply can’t resist Dynasty’s signature Peking duck, it’s yours for an extra Bt400.

Black mushroom and bamboo pith and Sichuan soup

“We’re happy to serve up satisfying portions. People are more concerned these days about how they spend so we must provide both good food and the best value for money,” says the chef.

Kongsun and his team also take pride in showing how to make traditional Lamian noodles, which are prepared fresh by kneading, pulling, twisting and stretching the dough into strands. The length and thickness of the strands depends on the number of times the dough is folded. Literally “la” means to pull or stretch, while “mian” means noodle.

A chef shows how to make traditional hand-pulled noodles.

Available for both lunch and dinner, diners can order the fresh noodles cooked in different styles such as noodle soup with lobster in Shanghai sauce (Bt999) or with river prawn in Sichuan sauce (Bt399). For a more spicy kick, opt for tom yum noodle with sea bass (Bt265) or with mala sauce (Bt265) – a popular spicy and mouth-numbing Chinese sauce made from Sichuanese peppercorn, chilli pepper and various spices simmered with oil.

Lamian noodle with river prawn and Sichuan sauce

Although more than 100 a la carte dishes are already on the menu, Kongsun has created another four. Maine Lobster (Bt2,555) offers a whole lobster steamed either with black pepper sauce or garlic butter and a lamb chop grilled with coffee sauce (Bt1,355). Australian Abalone are braised with vegetables (Bt3,555) and Wagyu Rib Eye is wok-fried with black pepper sauce (Bt3,555).

Steamed Maine lobster with garlic butter

“For European cuisine, mint or kiwi sauces are traditionally used as a complement to roast lamb but we Chinese prefer to cook lamb with either black pepper sauce or red Chinese wine sauce. I decided on a new sauce that is made from a combination of coffee powder, oyster sauce and lamb stock,” says the chef.

Grilled lamb chop with coffee sauce


Dynasty on the 24th floor of Centara Grand at CentralWorld is open daily for lunch from 11.30am to 2.30pm, and dinner from 6 to 10.30pm. 

Book your table by calling (02)100 6255 or email diningcgcw@chr.co.th.