Springtime treats at Elements

tasty February 15, 2018 15:36

By The Nation

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Executive chef Antony Scholtmeyer of the Michelin-starred Element restaurant is all set to welcome the spring with seasonal treats prepared from fresh ingredients from Hokkaido that will be available from March 1 to April 28.

The dishes, all prepared with French techniques, will focus on botan ebi, red snapper and Hokkaido beef as the main ingredients and include such unusual combinations as tartare of botan ebi and sakura shrimps served with smoked potato ice cream and fresh wasabi.

A hearty clam and broad bean soup with mitsuba will arrive with tomato and sancho cream, while a succulent red snapper will be paired with celeriac, lilly bulbs, sorrel and sudachi butter and a juicy Hokkaido beef steak (marble score 3) will be married to charred turnip, smoked eggplant, and panisses. Prices start at Bt690-plus.

Book a seat by calling (02) 687 9000 or email elements@okurabangkok.com.