Bawarchi finds best cocktail for that curry

tasty December 26, 2017 09:05

By The Nation

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Indian restaurant Bawarchi Chidlom has a new “Creative Cocktails & Curries” menu, part of its “Far-flung Flavours of India Food & Cocktail Pairing”.

Seeking to bridge the gap between Thai and Indian cuisine, Bawarchi has paired several popular dishes with newly conceived cocktails. 

India and Thailand both have enduring food cultures that embrace and incorporate curries as a dietary mainstay. As comfort food or part of a traditional or holiday meals, curries have a revered status. 

Bawarchi’s prawn curry, Tawa Jhinga Masala, has been mated with the Nri Iced Tea cocktail inspired by the famous Long Island Iced Tea. 

It’s a formidable concoction of rum, gin, vodka, tequila, star fruit, grenadine, black pepper, red chilli, and kokum syrup.  This bright and refreshing drink never lets the alcohol dominate the palate and subtly enhances the well-developed ingredients and succulent shrimp in the tomato-based curry. 

Guests can customise their own spice level, from mild to medium to hot. The curry is light and fragrant and utilises a whole peppercorn imported from Bengal that imparts a truly unique flavour. 

The prawns are marinated and cooked separately in the tandoor oven until they take on a gentle smoky aroma, and are added to the curry at the last minute so they’re not overcooked. 

The Hyderabadi Biryani, a Nizam-style dish of braised lamb and saffron-hued basmati rice personally selected by chef DS Rana, is cooked in a dum – a traditional brass pot. 

This is paired with a seductive White Russian-inspired Masala Chai Martini made with chai tea, Bailey’s Irish Cream, vodka, nutmeg and a cinnamon stick. 

The biryani is a labour-intensive dish inspired by Punjab cuisine and incorporates unique touches, such as ghee instead of oil, black cumin seeds from India and homemade rose water. 

“Our chef goes out of his way to make incredible dishes that are all at once familiar yet tantalisingly exotic,” says Bawarchi International Group vice president Vinay Chawla. “It’s all about a delicate balance between the spices, combined with the high-quality ingredients that he painstakingly sources from India. 

“A lot of time, preparation and knowledge goes into each and every one of these dishes, and when paired with our new and exciting cocktails, they’ll be remembered fondly.”