The delicate tastes of the North Sea

tasty December 24, 2017 12:50

By The Nation

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From the two-Michelin-starred restaurant De Kromme Watergang in the Netherlands, Chef Edwin Vinke will share his mastery of land and sea with guests at Jojo restaurant in the St Regis Bangkok from January 22 to 17.

De Kromme Watergang is located in the tiny village of Slijkplaat, in the picturesque Zeeland region, in the south-west of The Netherlands. For the first time, Chef Vinke is coming to Bangkok to share his culinary expertise based on a cooking philosophy of three words – pleasure, passion and perfection.

“Let your heart speak, and your brain and hands do the work. And especially use all of your senses. Smell, feel, taste, over and over again,” said the chef.

The hallmarks of his cuisine are based on the briny, earthy flavours of his restaurant’s abundant surrounds, inspired by the breathtaking landscape of the Zeeland region, and the rich bounty of its cold salty waters.

He and his team search for the freshest, fairest and most planet-friendly products with the shortest possible journey from producers and suppliers to his kitchen. Sea life and salt for cooking comes from the waters nearby, and many vegetables, fruit and herbs come from a garden close to his restaurant.

At Jojo restaurant, he will present two menus for lunch and dinner, in six and eight courses respectively, with an optional sommelier’s wine pairing for each.

Set the taste buds tingling with a mojito ginger shot and spicy oyster, coupled with linseed and tapioca crisps and a pickle dip. Get a taste of the sea, when seabass and razor clams meet Mexican estragon, almond, basil and tomato. Poultry is paired with smoky carrot, while cuttlefish and pork make for tasty bedfellows, as do sole and duck liver with Jerusalem artichoke.

In the eight-course menu, diners also have the pleasure of sampling North Sea crab and scallops, served with avocado, pistachio, apple and huacatay, as well as turbot and sea snails, with potato, sea vegetables, seaweed and verbena.

For cheese courses, goat’s cheese is served with honey, thyme, beetroot, apple and pecan, before the Dame Blanche makes a dessert cameo appearance, to end on a sweet and salty smooth note, with a hint of rum.

The six-course lunch menu is priced at Bt3,800-plus with an additional of Bt2,000-plus for wine pairing. The eight-course dinner set is Bt5,800-plus with an extra of Bt2,500-plus for wine pairing.

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