The new Nespresso Variations flavours are inspired by old-fashioned confections.
The new Nespresso Variations flavours are inspired by old-fashioned confections.

Nespresso coffee is ready to party

tasty November 26, 2017 01:00

By Kupluthai Pungkanon
The Sunday Nation

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Pop artists jazz up the capsules and mugs ready for holiday celebrations

HOLIDAY PARTIES will never be dull this festive season with Nespresso coffee accessories designed by pop artists Craig Redman and Karl Maier

The collection takes its inspiration from traditional candies, so there’s more than a little childhood nostalgia involved. 

Nespresso recruited the designer duo because of their professed love for simple shapes and wildly colourful patterns. Every creation reflects their wry sense of humour. 

The new Nespresso Variations flavours are inspired by old-fashioned confections.

The duo have injected their signature colours and patterns into both the Nespresso Limited Edition Variations coffees and accessories that make ideal gifts for anyone who loves coffee and design.

Surprising candy aromas combine with the highest-quality Pure Arabica in three Original Variations, each in a Craig-and-Karl-designed capsule. 

The Variations are based on the Nespresso Livanto coffee blend, which consists of pure arabica from Southern and Central America. It’s well balanced with roasted, caramelised notes, providing roundness and balance in the finished product.

Designers Craig Redman and Karl Maier

At the collection’s recent “Nespresso Joy in Every Cup” unveiling at Bangkok’s W Hotel, clothing designers Polpat Asavaprapa of Asava and Vatanika Patamasingh and heartthrob actor Patchara “Peach” Chirathivat helped the brand celebrate its anniversary. 

 The party matched the theme of the Craig and Karl creations – “Bold, Colourful and Humorous”. 

The design studio has collaborated with famous brands like Louis Vuitton, MCM, Nike and Apple.

“We were inspired by the Nespresso Variations flavours and the notion that they were all based around old-style confectionery,” Craig said. 

“We were also mindful that the design had to feel modern and relevant to now, so in our initial development we honed in on candy-cane stripes, which were prevalent in the past. In that we saw a classic motif that can evoke nostalgia, but one that equally feels current, owing to its bold and graphic form. We also loved that the stripes give the dome-shaped capsules themselves the appearance of candy.

“We try to inject as much of our personalities and humour into our artwork as we can. It’s a playful approach that we hope resonates with the people who encounter it. It should also be noted that we’re not shy with colour. In fact, the more, the merrier, so that probably doesn’t hurt either. Perhaps it’s just a matter of striking the right balance of novelty and sophistication throughout. 

Variations Confetto Orangette

“We were mindful that people need to live with and enjoy each of the items, so they had to read first and foremost as desirable pieces of contemporary design. Although ones those equally feel festive and speak to the world of candy inherent to the concept.”

Samuel Dambreville of Nespresso Thailand spoke about the three new flavours. 

“Nespresso loves celebrating the festive season, and this year it’s very joyful and colourful. We’re offering three limited edition coffees inspired by candies. The idea is to help people reminisce a bit about their childhood memories. 

Variations Confetto Snowball

“Variations Confetto Snowball is a delicious espresso pairing sweet coconut notes with a hint of vanilla. Variations Confetto Orangette has the bittersweet flavour of orange peel and a hint of chocolate. And Variations Confetto Liquorice is a tasty combination of spices and liquorice-candy notes that’s very popular in Europe

“Nespresso capsules and the machine work together as a system to get the best possible coffee you can extract at home, but we also want to create a coffee experience and in a very sustainable way.”

The rich layering in Variations Confetto Liquorice

Attendees at the party got to sample a cold Variations Confetto Orangette concoction called Ethiopian Rainbow Coffee. 

Chocolate syrup is first poured in a glass and topped with ice cubes and orange juice so that two layers are created. The coffee goes on top of that to build a third layer. It’s amazingly refreshing.

To make a Coconut Candy, a spoon of cocoa cream (coconut milk) goes in a Lungo glass and coffee extract on top. The Aeroccino is used to prepare hot, frothy milk, which is added to the mix. The drink is finished off with a grating of coconut and a coconut-chocolate ball. 

The Limited Edition Les Collection from Nespresso features one-of-a-kind gifts, including designs by Craig and Karl. It has something for everyone, whether they have a sweet tooth, favour bold graphic design or are fans of milk-based coffee drinks. 

The range includes Touch Espresso and Lungo in black porcelain and soft silicone, striped like liquorice candies, and a sleek and stylish travel mug in a matte black finish.