The best of both worlds

tasty October 14, 2017 09:00

By The Nation

Movenpick Hotels & Resorts is bringing the best of “bistro” and “gastronomy” to its restaurants around the world in its latest “Bistronomie” food promotion, which runs from October 20 to November 20.

Taking inspiration from a trend that started in France two decades ago and has now become a global culinary movement, the hospitality group’s talented chefs have created seven exclusive Bistronomie dishes. 

The Bistronomie concept was conceived in the 1990s when young French chefs with haute cuisine training re-interpreted classic dishes and served them in a new breed of casual, less stuffy, “bistro”-style restaurants. 

Today, Bistronomie is synonymous with high-quality French cuisine with a twist and Movenpick, which is renowned for its culinary expertise, has mastered it. 

Made from the best quality ingredients and prepared to perfection, the seven dishes on its new “Bistronomie” menu include Salade Nicoise, Plateau de Fruits de Mer (Seafood platter), Moules Marinieres (Mussels with garlic and sweet cream butter), Cabillaud a la Bordelaise (Cod fillet), Pot au Feu a la Bourgeoise (Beef topside hot pot) and “Cordon-bleu au Comte” (Veal rump steak). 

In line with the company’s commitment to offering personalised experiences, the individual preferences and tastes of guests have been taken into consideration, with vegetarian options available – “Pot au Feu Veg?tarien” (Vegetable hot pot) - for example. In addition, some dishes such as the seafood platter are customisable to include specific ingredients selected by diners. 

Guests with a sweet tooth are also in for a treat with Movenpick’s version of “Café Gourmand” – a French take on the British “afternoon tea”. The Bistronomie Cafe Gourmand combines aromatic Movenpick coffee with Reine de Saba (“Queen of Sheba”), an irresistible chocolate cake baked with Movenpick’s very own 72-per-cent cocoa Swiss chocolate. 

“When it comes to gastronomy, Movenpick is a pioneer, known for its culinary innovation and ability to create classic dishes with a twist, which is very much akin to the Bistronomie movement,” said Olivier Chavy, president and chief executiveof Movenpick Hotels & Resorts. 

Thomas Hollenstein, director of Food & Beverage Europe, Movenpick Hotels & Resorts, who has led the team of chefs developing the “Bistronomie” dishes, added: “We have encapsulated the essence of French cuisine, but in a fresh and exciting form and importantly, acknowledging the personal tastes of our discerning diners and guests around the world.” 

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